Il Palazzo

1401 Calumet St, Houston, TX 77004
A first-generation new-build loft style apartment development with an Italian design motif.

Property Description

Il Palazzo is a meticulously designed and well-appointed residential complex, blending modern comforts with a touch of classic Italian elegance. Its location in a historic district of Houston adds to its charm and appeal, offering residents a unique blend of old-world ambiance with contemporary urban living.

The building's architecture and layout seem to prioritize spaciousness and aesthetics, with an emphasis on outdoor living, as evidenced by the generous balconies and terraces. This design approach is somewhat distinctive in a city like Houston, where high-rise and mid-rise properties often prioritize maximizing interior space over outdoor amenities.

Moreover, the focus on security is reassuring for residents, particularly in an urban setting. The combination of on-site staff and advanced video surveillance helps ensure the safety and peace of mind of those living within the complex.

The attention to landscaping and maintenance further enhances the appeal of Il Palazzo, contributing to a pleasant and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. The fact that the Condominium Association takes care of the median strip on Calumet underscores a commitment to maintaining the beauty and integrity of the surrounding neighborhood.

Overall, Il Palazzo offers a desirable living experience, blending modern convenience with timeless elegance in a vibrant urban setting.

Building Features


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